• Integrated Rice Complex Project - IRCP

    Integrated Rice Complex Project - IRCP

    This project concept aims to establish a unique introduction of multi-dimensional, multi-faceted value addition to rice production and rice value chain. In a normal rice mill, rice is milled and processed by purchasing paddy from farmers. So, consistency of grain quality as well as food safety and traceability aspects are neglected.

    Under the IRCP Concept, which is very much different from conventional and traditional rice mill, MAPCO collaborates with farmers to obtain the stable supply of consistent quality paddy under Contract Farming Scheme which includes providing (1) the right quality seed to farmers, (2) the right technology and good agriculture practices, (3) the right crop protection and agrochemical fertilizer and (4) the required working capital for farmers. Besides, MAPCO provides farm mechanization services such as tractor and combine harvester rental service.

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